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Understanding ADHD: Embracing Neurodiversity

At divergence, we specialize in understanding and supporting individuals facing the daily challenges of ADHD. Our approach empowers you to take control of your unique strengths and care needs.

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    Experience flexibility and empowerment with divergence. Choose from a range of options, pay as you go, and step in and out of our services at your convenience. Access our screening questionnaires for a no-obligation assessment of the value we can add to your journey.

Navigating neurodevelopmental services can be daunting, but at divergence, we prioritize your needs. Our practice is tailored to listen and comprehend your individual situation. With our experienced team, you can expect unwavering support and guidance for the best outcomes.

Personalized Approach


Embark on your divergence journey with an initial meeting where we explore options and needs, providing clear explanations without unnecessary assessments.

We only recommend the assessments essential to your situation, ensuring no redundant work. Leave the complexities to us, and focus on your progress.

Comprehensive Care


Empowering Progress


We identify all your needs, guide you through the process, and offer skilled treatment, including medication if required.

Reach out with your initial queries through our questionnaire, or send a brief message, and our dedicated team will connect with you promptly. Our screening questionnaire helps assess the need for further support, and it’s free to use.

Our assessment bookings are open. Simply complete the enquiry form, and if you wish, gain direct access to our diaries for a pre-diagnostic assessment. We have availability in the upcoming week. As we strive to enhance our service, we are committed to providing accurate diagnoses and prescriptions, along with evolving support packages. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in this complex journey. Each clinician in our team brings extensive experience and is dedicated to understanding your unique needs.

For a comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity, we recommend watching Oolong's insightful video on YouTube. It offers valuable insights into the diversity of neurological conditions and aligns with our mission at divergence.

Gain profound insights into neurodiversity by watching Oolong's enlightening video on YouTube. This resource beautifully captures the essence of neurodiversity and reflects our deep-rooted motivation at divergence.

Stay informed about neurodiversity with our regular contributions to the Talk ADHD Podcast. Tune in on your preferred podcast platform, and explore a diverse range of topics to expand your knowledge.

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