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Our Vision & Values

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Our Vision 

  • The best of treatments and supports which are tailored to an individual’s strengths.


  • We aim to have happy clinicians who are enthusiastic about working with neurodivergent clients and carers as they travel on their journey.


  • We are aiming to stimulate better care and outcomes for those who are neurodivergent and experience impairment and difficulties day to day, provided by happy staff who are enthusiastic about the care they give.

In order to achieve that we want to see staff who are provided with opportunities to grow and develop new skills and knowledge. We think that staff identifying as neurodivergent should be provided with a safe and supportive working environment, in the knowledge that lived experience is invaluable in driving good standard care.


  • We envisage better standards of care which respond to needs and helps people use their strengths.


  • We envisage other provider services seeing what we can do and striving to be better than us.


  • We want to reduce the stigma those who are neurodivergent face.


  • We want to educate local communities to celebrate the strengths and skills of those who are neurodivergent

Our Values 



As a service we have set out to respect that we do not have all of the answers. We aim to respect the views of every person we meet and although we sometimes may not agree we will endeavour to understand a different perspective as we respect that difference and diversity enrich our experience.




We are driven by our own experiences, each others’ experiences and the experiences of every person we have encountered professionally. We are determined to improve on the service we were able to deliver previously in other organisations.

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Where we fall short of our other aims we will learn from our mistakes and share how we have changed in order to maintain the respect of the people we aim to serve. We will not ever hide from our shortcomings. Many of us have a diagnosis and we too are learning how to live with our own challenges. By being entirely open about what has happened we aim to demonstrate that mistakes can contribute to constructive learning.

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We hope to inspire other services to do better than us. We have developed a new way of delivering the support, care and treatment that people have been asking for and we want to inspire others. If we can inspire other service providers to work differently to make their services better then everyone benefits. We want to inspire community change and action and will use our resources where we can, to show what can be achieved when people work together in a shared understanding.

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We have seen what has been achieved so far, and services have come a long way, but we think that by collaborating with the people we want to serve we can take support to a new level of quality that genuinely optimises strengths, be they individual or organisational. We aim to be recognised as innovative, not because we seem it but because will really are.

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We recognise our limitations and network with some of the most knowledgeable specialists nationally on a regular basis. We know that it is not possible to know the answer to every question or challenge that we face but we will always seek expert guidance should we come across challenges that we are not confident that we can address.

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We do not think that there should be any specialist knowledge that can’t be shared. We aim to give as much information and opportunity for discussion and debate as we can where people want to know more. This dialogue will be used to further improve what we do. We will teach what we learn and we will share our successes.

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We will always ask questions. We want to understand what others do, how other people manage their difficulties so that we can share things that work

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