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Services & Billing

We aim to deliver your care in a way that is affordable and have tried to develop a payment process that is clear and affordable. We are happy for people to step into or out of our care pathways as they wish. We are willing to accept diagnoses from other services so long as they are well evidenced with information to the standard we expect of ourselves.

At present we only offer online consultation however we are working on bring our services to local clinics. We do not currently offer home visits.

updated 25/05/24

Online Foundation 

Assessment - £225

The hour-long Foundations Assessment is required for anyone wanting to use our services. It explores your strengths and needs, making recommendations for more than just a diagnostic assessment. We aim to help you to address the challenges not just identify symptoms of diagnoses and then give a medication.

You will receive


  • a report which outlines our recommendations

  • the options you have in meeting the needs we identify

  • not just with us but other potential providers.

  • a head start in any diagnostic work we do, because our Foundation Assessment informs all of our further diagnostic work.

This assessment is detailed enough to give you an idea of what value there is in pursuing more expensive assessments but does not confirm any diagnosis.

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Diagnostic Assessment - £225 per hour


We offer assessment for a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism to people over 6 years old.  An assessment takes between two and five hours per diagnosis usually. This is why we charge by the hour and using a "pay as you go" approach. We don't think that you should pay a flat rate because assessments can take variable times depending on the issues and the detail of information you provide on the forms that we send to you. You pay at the point of booking each appointment and your assessor can guide you with this is necessary. Typically this takes two or three further hours.

We have recently paused our offering of adult Autism Assessment and will advise on routes to assessment if this is thought necessary.

You will receive

  • a comprehensive diagnostic report which outlines our full diagnosis 

  • recommendations for treatment and support

  • Qbcheck if requested/recommended (Qbcheck can be offered as a standalone session if requested however the check is only useful as a support to a diagnosis and is not diagnostic when taken alone)​

This document is written to a standard that ensures that any other clinician can clearly see our rationale, avoiding the need to repeat the assessment if you choose to switch provider.

We will not charge more than £1500 for a single diagnostic assessment and not more than £2000 if more than one diagnosis is assessed, however we aim to keep the cost as low as possible, whilst maintaining a quality assessment standard.

Online Medication Review - £112.50 per half hour

Medication review appointments usually last half an hour. We don't think that you should pay a flat rate because optimising treatment can take variable times depending on the issues. Again this is done on a "pay as you go" basis, billed at the point of booking the appointment. You can choose how you contact us and after the first fifteen minutes we will invoice for the time taken in 15 minute periods (£30).

If Shared Care Agreement is likely to be necessary we can discuss this with your GP surgery prior to starting treatment so that you can enter into treatment feeling confident that there won't be any surprise costs when treatment is stabilised. We can't make your GP accept Shared Care but we can discuss any concerns they might have prior to starting. Currently 68% of our shred care requests are accepted (May 2024)

Recent research shows less than half of prescriptions for ADHD treatments are issued by Primary Care/GPs and our acceptance rate for shared care exceeds that rate. We take sharing care to mean exactly that, working alongside your GP as a partner in your care if specialist support is needed, advising on the use of medications and treatment alongside your ADHD treatment.

You should keep in mind that you will have to pay dispensing and drug costs if prescribed treatments privately. These usually range between £50-£150 per month depending on the recommended treatment, but can be even higher than this in some cases.

We will write to your GP following every review and send you a copy.

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Other services

costs will be outlined in your Foundation Assessment

We offer other supports and work with partner agencies who have their own fees. These will be outlined in your Initial Assessment plan if we are recommending any.

If we recommend someone it is because we think that their service is right for you.

Training - ask us

We deliver planned and bespoke training and these are costed individually to account for the delivery and planning time.

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