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divergence are working in partnership with ADHDexperts

As a client of ADHDexperts your prescribing will be completed by divergence.


divergence is a UK based clinical service for people with neurodevelopmental disorders. Registered with the Care Quality Commission they offer their own diagnostic and treatment services however are keen to support the development of ADHDexperts in the UK as their practice philosophies are closely aligned. divergence has agreed to offer clinical support and prescribing for ADHDexperts. 

Taking this innovative approach enables timely issue of your medications from the Private Pharmacy Group. divergence staff will review your assessment and treatment plan, working with ADHDexperts to deliver the best care for you. This brings the advantage of a second specialist clinician's consideration of your treatment plan. 


By agreeing to work with ADHDexperts you consent to divergence creating a personal record in our records system. This record will be subject to all of the data policies applicable to all of our clients. These policies are available here on our website in the FAQ section. 

We have agreed rigorous standards with ADHDexperts to ensure that our role is clear and your care is seamless.

Whilst we have a clinical role in your care we ask that you direct all enquiries to ADHDexperts, who if necessary will contact us about issues that we can help with.

In the unlikely event that we disagree with ADHDexperts' treatment plan we will negotiate with ADHDexperts to resolve the clinical decision so that your treatment can continue safely and in line with the best practice. divergence are accountable for the prescription being issued and we take great care to ensure that this is issued in line with best practice to ensure that you get the best from your treatment.


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