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Self Service Links

The buttons below will link you to forms to do things within our clinical system. Please ensure to enter information carefully and correctly as this information is used to manage your care



The Exchange is still in development. It is the home of advice and guidance for those diagnosed by us, but is a reference that we will continuously update with links and articles that keep you updated on the latest developments in the understanding and support of neurodevelopmental disorders. It will contain:

  • Ask the Experts

  • Checked and Validated Advice

  • Community Links

  • Useful Video Links and Resources

Click below to take you to the relevant home page for your needs




Under Construction


Under Construction

Medicines Information

Click below to access our medicines information pages. There is a wealth of information about medications and their use. This resource gives much much information than a simple description of medicines and can often be a good place to start looking for answers. This will open a new page.


The links below will take you to the home page of our regular podcast in association with ThinkNeurodiversity which has discussions on a range of topics and links to the WhatsApp Community.

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