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Delivering Diagnoses, Support and Learning Differently

We can help you to understand the challenges you face day to day. We put you in control of your strengths and your care.

  • Be given choices

  • Pay as you go

  • Step in and out of our service when you choose

  • Use our screening questionnaires free for a no obligation test of whether asking for our help is of value to you.

We know that neurodevelopmental services can be difficult to use, because we have worked in them and used them ourselves, NHS and other independent services. We heard stories of people being discharged unexpectedly, having rushed appointments with not enough time to talk about what matters, not recognising all of people's needs and so many other issues.

We are divergence because we have diverged from that way of doing things. We follow good practice guidelines and are qualified to diagnose and treat the issues we help with. If we can't help then we will guide you to someone that we trust who can. All staff are people that we trust, people that we know to go the extra mile to deliver care. We are actively working to improve services beyond our own, raising awareness of what it really means to live a divergent life.

Please note we can only work with those resident in England with an English General Practitioner.

Step by Step


A first meeting to look at options and needs with clear explanations of your choices. No lengthy assessments if they aren't needed

Necessary Steps


Only the assessments you need. No need to know what to ask for and no need to repeat work already done well

Every Step


All of your needs identified, guidance to having them met and skilled treatment with medications if required  

You can contact us with an initial query below using our questionnaire to help you identify your needs or just use it to send a brief message and someone will get in touch with you.


The form offers a screening questionnaire that advises on whether further assessment would help. This form is free to use. If you do not want us to contact you in response please let us know on the form

Our service is booking assessments now. It's as simple as completing the enquiry form and if you would like to, you will have access straight to our diaries to book in for an pre-diagnostic assessment with us. We have availability in the coming week.


We have lots more to do to make the service as good as we want it to be, but we can work to diagnose and prescribe and are further developing our packages of support. We look forward to working with each and every person who asks for our help in what can be a very confusing part of the journey. Each clinician working with us has a wealth of experience and will be guided by you and what you need.

Quick Links for existing ADHD Patients in Treatment

We think that this video by Oolong on YouTube gives a good explanation of neurodiversity and why we do what we do.

We think that this video by Oolong on YouTube describes neurodiversity well and may help you to understand what motivates us to do what we do.

We contribute regularly to the Talk ADHD Podcast which comes out weekly on Thursdays. This is available on all of the usual podcast platforms. The latest episode will always be here for you however its worth looking through the back catalogue as there will be topics of interest.

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