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You can contact us with an initial query below using our questionnaire to help you identify your needs or just use it to send a brief message and someone will get in touch with you.


The form will offer a screening questionnaire that advises on whether further assessment would help. This form is free to use. If you do not want us to contact you in response please let us know on the form

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UPDATE on 25th November 2022: We are awaiting registration with the Care Quality Commission and their projected timescales are not going to be met. We think it reasonable to expect that the clinical service can now launch on February 1st 2023. We are sorry but we cannot operate without registration with the regulatory body. We would not do that and will always offer you a comprehensive service that is backed up by the best evidence and supports. This news is frustrating but we have no choice but to delay our launch.

Delivering Diagnoses, Support and Learning Differently

We are a group of people who are neurodivergent or who love someone who is neurodivergent. We have experienced services provided by NHS and other providers as members of staff, as service users and as carers and we want a service that provides collaborative, person centred, good quality assessments, with the best of treatments and supports which are tailored to an individual’s strengths and needs. We aim to have happy clinicians who are enthusiastic about working with neurodivergent clients and carers as they travel on their journey. We are aiming to stimulate better care and outcomes for those who are neurodivergent and experience impairment and difficulties day to day, provided by happy staff who are enthusiastic about the care they give. In order to achieve that we want to see staff who are provided with opportunities to grow and develop new skills and knowledge. We think that staff identifying as neurodivergent should be provided with a safe and supportive working environment, in the knowledge that lived experience is invaluable in driving good standard care.

  • We envisage better standards of care which respond to needs and helps people use their strengths.

  • We envisage other provider services seeing what we can do and striving to be better than us.

  • We want to reduce the stigma those who are neurodivergent face.

  • We want to educate local communities to celebrate the strengths and skills of those who are neurodivergent.

Our long term aim is to provide online and face to face appointments for the neurodivergent population and the people who love them in the North East of England. We want to offer consistency in providing support, for as long as is needed, ensuring we promote resilience and avoid dependence. We don’t want to be drawn into contracts that dilute the quality of the service that we provide and will not compromise of the changes we make to improve standards of care and support to the people who ask for our help. We recognise to reduce the stigma and inequalities experienced by all who are neurodivergent so we aim to deliver high quality accredited training and this educational provision needs to be available nationwide

We think that this video by Oolong on YouTube gives a good explanation of neurodiversity and why we do what we do.

We think that this video by Oolong on YouTube describes neurodiversity well and may help you to understand what motivates us to do what we do.

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